Spark Sport

You want to work on your basic strength, you want to feel fit and full of energy. But how do you start training and keep going afterwards? Spark Sport helps you with this!

Spark Sport offers you conscious and responsible training, at home in your own environment via livestream (Zoom). Our coaches ensure that you train consciously and effectively. So that you get and stay fit! You build strength and we continue to work on your muscles properly. You work on your strength, but also on your flexibility, coordination and balance.

We offer you responsible, conscious and effective training by means of our accessible livestream training. The coach physically gives the training from his own location and you follow the training in real time at your own location. For example at home or in the garden via your laptop, tablet or telephone. You train in small groups. The coach pays attention to your posture, your breathing and how you execute the exercises. So that you work om your muscles in the right way, challenge yourself and go that step further. Whether you are an experienced trainer or just starting.

With Spark Sport you work on:

  • Your strength, condition, flexibility, coordination and balance.
  • You get fit and more energy.
  • You persevere because of our personal attention.

We have different types of training:

  • CORE | stability, coordination, balance and strength.
  • INTERVAL | condition, strength & stability.
  • TABATA | condition, strength & stability in 30 minutes.

Curious if Spark Sport might work for you? Call, text or send a whatsapp to 06 – 18919031 or send an email to

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